Twist & Bop

by Craig Shaw & The Illuminators

Released 2015
Wild Records
Released 2015
Wild Records
There’s a real low down and dirty sound on Craig Shaw and the Illuminators’ ‘I Believe’ on Wild Records. It features a growling guitar beat, vocals delivered through a microphone with some distortion, and wailing harmonica solos.

The ‘B’ side nudges the early 1960’s R&B sound and indeed the title ‘Twist and Bop’ suggests what you might expect to hear. This is another of Craig Shaw’s own compositions, which will certainly be popular on the dancefloors, late at night in clubs.
Review by Olaf Mad House Jump
I Believe b/w Twist N Bop
(Wild Records 7 inch)
I always was a big fan of the Bop Shack Stompers sound and even a bigger fan of the Zipgun Hoodlums. Specially the Zipgun Hoodlums been a kind of direct pre- Excellos, so the line-up came close to what the Excellos are today. All bands have one thing in common, Craig Shaw on guitars, vocals, songwriting etc. . Along with the Excellos (and some other outfits) he also run The Illuminators (great name by the way) since a while. To say they are similar to the sound of the Excellos is an absolute wrong description. For sure they have this heavy bluesy beat, but the Illuminators go a few steps further, so their compact sound is more influenced by the early 60‘s bluesshouters, with a good soul-ish bang in the sound.
„I Believe“ is still straight forward Blues, with a far more agressive punch and the heavy harp-mic vocals are the 100% topping on that uptempo blaster. B-Side struts straight with a heavy 60‘s influenced monster „Twist N Bop“ ... great Sonics-a-like Rocker meets the very early Animals and similar. I hear some people say that will bring the late Hot Boogie Chillun back to their minds. Maybe not that wrong but Craig Shaw & The Illuminators are more bullet proofed-trust me... That‘s the real deal!!!
Fantastic twinspin!!! GET IT!!!