Mark Lamarr BBC Radio 2 show with Blues & Soul Legend Chris Farlowe

Viva Las Vegas, Rockabilly Festival, Las Vegas, USA

Bergen Festival - Norway 

The High Rockabilly Festival, Calafell, Tarragona, Spain.

Get Rhythm Festival - Italy.

Oil Leak Rumble, Zurich, Switzerland.

Le Beat Bespoke Weekender, UK.

Dingwalls - London.

The Dome, Boston Arms, UK.

JukeBox Jam, George Tavern, UK.

Charlotte Street Blues Club, UK.

Virginia Creepers Club, UK.

Hemsby Rock n Roll Festival, UK.

Venue 229, Great Portland St. London, UK.

Brighton Rumble, The Engine Room, Brighton!

Rockinitiz Club, UK. 



About THE EXCELLOS The Beatles of Swamp Rock: The Excellos Spirit of Excello Records - For any of you who were fans of Excello Records, the premier American Swamp Rock Blues Record label in the 50’s home of the great blues men: Slim Harpo, Lazy Lester, Lightnin’ Slim, Charles Sheffield, Roscoe Shelton, Lonesome Sundown, Silas Hogan and Arthur Gunter, an English rock group The Excellos named after the record company that in influenced them, have become the keepers of the Excello Records flame, playing both classic Excello Swamp rock and original swamp rock with Excello Roots. I’m really surprised nobody thought of doing what The Excellos did sooner. I discovered them surfing the web and was absolutely knocked out. Unlike most bands who’s original’s can’t match their influence’s covers, The Excellos originals exceed them! Quite simply they are “The Beatles of Swamp Rock”. I love their sound, image and their sole album, The Excellos. Craig Shaw on vocals, harmonica and guitar seems to be the “Front Man” from what I can gather and he looks like he should star in a 1950s drive in movie or TV series battling Zombies and Supernatural Geeks. Check out those incredible Sideburns-Is this not one of the greatest looks ever for a Rock Star.                                                                          

The Excellos CD album really sounds like it was authentically recorded in the 50’s and bravo to whoever produced this fantastic album- there’s sadly no producers credit. This is the first album I ever played that seems to have a drug induced hypnotic effect on me and I feel like I’m actually experiencing living in the 50’s listening to The Excellos. Every track is great and total grit and cuts like a razor blade against wire. The album opens with a great cover of “Got Love it You Want it” and unofficially ends with a great cover of “Shake Your Hips (there is actually a hidden version “Meet Me at the Bottom” which follows). In between there are outstanding originals, the best being the infectious “You Don’t Care”, “Jekyll & Hyde”, “Jump” and the best original instrumental I’ve heard in like forever, “Kasbah”. Each of The Excello members contribute songwriting and they all do it really well.

If Hollywood or the TV Industry were smart, they would use this great Excellos debut album as the backdrop of their TV Show or Movie- they should do a whole episode of “Cold Case” or CSI using this album and as I said, the Excellos are the Beatles of Swamp Rock. Rock On! 

Source - Unknown!

Yes, it's finally here, one of the most anticipated Cd releases of thre past two years!! Their Single release on Rollin Records have had tongues a-wagging and legs a-boppin and their live performances have created a frenzied buzz..........to say the least. Now with the release of their first album everyone can see what the fuss is all about...........you won't be disappointed - these guys play some of the hardest Rockin low down dirty Rockin-Blues we've ever heard and what's more the energy and madness of their live performances is brilliantly captured on the CD. Turn this up to maximum volume and press repeat..........you will not be disappointed! Features You Got Love if You Wan't it, Jekyl and Hyde, Jump and soo much more............ As one Boppin lunatic said of their performance at Hemsby earlier this week, ''This music messes with your head.'' No finer recommendation is needed!!

Roundup Records. 

“CHRIS FARLOWE & THE EXCELLOS - Must say that I think Mark Lamarr's 'God's Juke Box' show is probably the most Mod friendly radio show going. He always plays a great eclectic mix of Soul, R&B, Blues, Ska, Reggae, Mod etc. This show was made greater with Farlowe and the Excellos. Chris proving he still has that voice, singing totally unbacked for one song, The Excellos proving their worth as probably the best R&B band around. Smiler-ModCulture” 
—  Smiler, Mod Culture

“CHRIS FARLOWE IS BACK WITH ONE ALMIGHTY BANG! as he and The Excellos launch into some truly rockin’ R&B that really goes for the jugular! There’s no messing, just 100 percent passion fuelled, non-stop electric bop. Chris can cover any style with his fantastic vocal talents, but he never sounds better than when he’s getting down to those loud and dirty blues with a band like The Excellos. Let’s hope this one goes to Number 1, as the last time Chris hit that spot was during the world cup final in 1966 and we all know what’s happening this year! 
Rollin Records

The Excellos........ Stompin' Rockabilly and Blues Bop played hard and dirty! The 'Excellos' deliver a solid brand of Rockin' Blues that'd be rough, tough and hard to bluff for any other band raised this side of the pond! Gaining their name from the famous 1950's American Blues record label, they play with the authority and gusto of a blues band that grew straight out of the Mississippi mud! Hailing from good old London these guys have wowed the crowds at many Blues and Rock N Roll joints the world over. The Excello's album, released on Rollin Records received rave reviews from Press and Fan's, we're very proud to bring them to our Stage at Madame JoJo's. Excellos Press Quotes "Quite simply they are “The Beatles of Swamp Rock” "Every track is great and total grit and cuts like a razor blade against wire" "The Excellos launch into some truly rockin’ R&B that really goes for the jugular 
Madame Jo Jo's

The Excellos Live DVD with Bonus Interview 2010 Running Time: Gig 42.53 | Bonus Interview 28.00 Shot on: Panasonic SD700 The Excellos named after the the premier 1950′s American Swamp Rock Blues Record label that in influenced them, have become the keepers of the Excello Records flame, playing both classic Excello Swamp rock and original swamp rock with Excello Roots. This live DVD was recorded in November 2010 at the world famous 100 Club just before it was saved from impending financial ruin, the DVD features the full live set with interspersed interview clips as well as the full bonus interview as a DVD extra. 
—  Triple A Films

"The Excellos are a hot quartet from the UK. They couldn't have chosen a better name for themselves as they play in the rockin' blues style so famously recorded by the likes of Lightnin' Slim and Slim Harpo on the Excello label from Louisiana. It's good to see a band with this sound doing so well on the 1950’s Rockin’ scene as it's been surprisingly under utilised over recent years. The Excellos are Craig Shaw, Adam Wakefield, Trev TC Collins and Paul Sheahan and they've all been on the rockin’ scene in some form for the past couple of decades. Wakefield, Shaw and Sheahan were founder members of the Bop Shack Stompers and Collins was the drummer for the Western Bops. The album kicks off with a great cover of Slim Harpo’s “I Got Love If You Want It" ” —  Rockabillyville  ”